5 mai 2010

Produce OulchenOwski

Woaw, how cool is that ?!! you can become OulchenOwski's producer !!!
Check this out :
You can help us recording a great quality album ! wouldn't it be simply Oulchenastic ???!!
We think so too ;-)
Thank you so much in advance.
Sëhb and Fähb

3 mai 2010

Tuk by OulchenOwski

To all our friends in Tuk (Canada)
Another version of "tuk" is available on our second album AKT.2, available at http://cdbaby.com/cd/oulchenowski2

Meanwhile, enjoy this one :

Stromatolithes by OulchenOwski

A new video of a song called "Stromatolithes".
You can listen to this song on our album AKT.2 on cdbaby at

For now, enjoy this one :

2 mai 2010

Rock&Gaule by OulchenOwski

A new video, shoot at Oulchen Studio (Nice - France) during a rehearsal.
Enjoy and please, leave your feeds.